Important Information

Should you be on any of the following medication OR suffer from one of the following, please let us know!

*Medication - Roaccutane, Corticosteroids, Blood thinners

*Pregnancy, Breastfeeding         *Hemophilia (bleeder)

*Lupus                                             *Keloid, Eczema

*Cancer (any form)                      *Psoriasis, Ichthyosis

*Diabetes                                       *Glaucoma

*Herpes (zoster, simplex)           *Hepatitis

*HIV/Aids                                     *Covid-19 Vaccine (two weeks before treatment)

No stimulants to be taken before the procedure. Discontinue use of RetinA/Retinol 7 days before procedure. Lip treatments, scrub lightly 5 days prior to treatment